Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Leaving on A JET PLANE:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Hi Mommaaaaaaaa
This week has been good. (I put Sister Pence's name and my name in the temple last week. I've prayed every day for charity and selflessness--in our companionship prayers also--and there has been a dramatic change.) We got to host the new missionaries this week. When the new missionaries come in we take them to their residence and to go sign in a get their name tags and we show them to their classrooms. I just kept thinking of what my first day was like and all the things I didn't know. I tried to make their first days as smooth as possible. It was cute...I took one girl to her room and told her we were going to drop her bags off and she'd be able to unpack later and that she just needed her scriptures, her PMG, and a notebook to write on. She looked so nervous and was rushing to get all of her things, so I told her it was okay, to calm down and take a deep breath and that there was no rush at all. She calmed down a little bit and we got to talk about her thoughts when she got her mission call and some other little things to get her mind off of the trauma of the first day. ;) It was so fun actually getting to help a real person in despair. I took three girls through total. We get to do it again next week. Exciting!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I got my flight plans this week!!!! It's funny cause it was our first day trying to speak in all Tagalog and we were all doing so well. But the minute we all got our flight plans and tried to spit our excitement out in Tagalog, we caved and spoke in English for a little bit. We leave next Monday--ONE WEEK. Can you believe it, mom? I'm going to the Philippines!!!!?!?!?1/1/11 h iforhfsldkf Excited ako para dito. There are five of us traveling together--Elders Thomas, Jackson, Shackelford, Sister Pence, and me. I am the travel leader. We leave the MTC around 4:30 and our first flight from Salt Lake leaves at 7:59p.m. I will be able to call you!!! From Salt Lake and from L.A. if I want. What number should I call? We go through Taipei Taiwan! AHH!!! So cool. We will end up in Manila and then take a 10 hour bus ride to Cauayan. I will make a copy of my itinerary and mail it. And I think I will be able to call you from the mission home. It's different for every mission. I might just be able to email or something.

So, pretty soon I will be bathing with a ladel and a bucket. But I'm so excited to be a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ and share with those REAL people of the Philippines the love that He has for them. Thats really what I am. I'm a funnel of His love, and I am basically doing what Jesus Christ Himself would be doing on the earth right now. I'm excited to meet people and get to know my ward members and embarass myself a ton with my Tagalog. We've done two days where all we speak is Tagalog. I can say so much more than I thought I would be able to at this point! I will show off for you at the airport. :) Sometimes I forget some english words. Good sign right?

We had a workshop this week on personal and companionship study that was SO enlightening. Brother Reis gave the workshop and he basically taught us that our personal and companionship study should be based on some kind of inspired question that we seek out the answer for. Like: How would a knowledge of life after death help John keep the word of wisdom? Just an example. And we both as a companionship can study different questions focused on the same investigators during personal study. Then in companionship study we come together and share what we learned and how we will present it. We are called to share the gospel two by two. And if we study like this we can do double the work in the same amount of time. Now I just need to know how to do this say it all in Tagalog.

We said goodbye to our branch president yesterday. He's an amazing man and I will miss him. I want to give him my blog address. I will send you pictures next week.

I have 3 minutes.
What is alainna's address mom??/ I want to write her so badly. Can you call and get it?
SIs Fort

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