Monday, February 14, 2011


Hello momma. I am soooooo happy for this wonderful opportunity to
write you on VALENTINES DAY!!! Happy Valentimes! Will you be mine? :)

Transfer day went smoothly. I didn't realize how hard it would be for
me to leave Sister De Fiesta until it actually happened. Before the
transfer meeting, we went to Chowking and got ourselves halo-halo to
enjoy with one another one last time.

During the meeting, they show your areas with pictures of
companionships on a big slideshow. When they got to the Solano
slideshow, I knew that was it. It was our time to part. I squeezed
Sister De Fiestas hand and sat down by my new companion. At the end of
the meeting, we sang the mission song, which was what Sister De Fiesta
and I would sing obnoxiously as we'd do laundry or clean the house,
and my eyes clouded over a little bit. Then my companion and I and our
district rode a jeepney for 4 hours to Solano. It was freezing and
rained most of the time, and the exhaust from the jeepney made me
nauseous. We finally arrived in Solano around 7:30, planned, ate
dinner at Analyn's house (former convert of Sister De Fiesta! We both
talked about how wonderful she was and how much we love her.) and went
to bed.

I see so clearly now what a wonderful companionship Sister De Fiesta
and I had, what a wonderful example and trainer she was for me, and how hard working she was. I will miss serving with her and I'm grateful for all that she taught me and the wonderful spiritual relationship we shared.

My new companion is Sister Banks. She is my follow-up trainer. She is a sweetheart and has a sweet desire to serve. My first night she helped me lug my huge, 70 Ib bags upstairs. She also squished a cockroach for me with her flip flop and made my bed for me while I was unpacking my things in a different room. Her personality reminds me of Sister Pratt.

That first night, I poured my heart out to my father in heaven. I know that this new area is going to be a great challenge to me and my new companion.

The next day in my personal study, I read from Alma 32:8 "I behold that you are lowly in heart." I thought, yes Heavenly Father, I am.
The next verse, "What shall we do?" Yes, Heavenly Father, what shall I do?!! I read on. Alma 32 is all about faith, and nurturing our faith with patience and diligence. I got the impression that along with having to nurture my own faith, Sister Banks and I will be nurturing one another. In Alma 32:42-43 I saw what I have to do.

I continued reading in my study through chapter 34:26-27. I had been praying to my Heavenly Father in my secret places.

She tells me that I will lead the area after this cycle, because she's
been here for 6 months of her mission already. Eeeee. Also, we've
vowed to exercise every day and have language study every day, no
exceptions. This'll be good.

Our toilet seat cover looks like its been out in the sun for 30 years
and is peeling and cracking. I have yet to let my skin touch it. We
have little baby worms that come up from the cracks of the tiles and I want to puke every time I see them, but I just douse them in
permetherine instead--and today I cloroxed the entire place. Our drain doesn't drain, so when you shower, you're standing in a puddle of your own grime, sometimes baby worms. We have to walis ting ting the water out after every shower. Also, the door knob is so rusty, when I opened the door once, it just came off into my hand. Sister Banks doesn't cook, so I have decided to try my best and cook what I know how. We've killed 3 cockroaches since I've been here. They're the size of my thumb and I pray every night in my bedtime prayers that nothing will creep on me as I sleep. I think Heavenly Father has blessed me so far.
Maybe they're creeping on me and I just don't know it. Either way, I'm just glad I don't know. And at least we don't have mice. I think I'd really die then :(

Church on Sunday was beautifulllllllllllllllllll. People have planned
lessons and talks and our attendance is about 95. People came up to welcome me and we've already had three dinner appointments. Mostly with Sister Analyn--she is a SWEETHEART. She loves the missionaries and takes such good care of them. Her faith is a mountain. She was converted when Sister De Fiesta led the area. She has three children, and when she can find someone to take care of them, she comes out with
the missionaries as often as possible. Her family has basically
disowned her, but she hasn't missed one Sunday. There's a man in the branch who acts like Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka; he creeps me out kinda.

I had a McDonald's quarter pounder today, with french fries, and a coke zero float. I almost died of deliciousness. I never thought I'd be so happy to eat McDonald's??

Thats all. I asked for a memory card reader from the man here at the counter and he said he'd bring me one, but hasn't. So, I can't attach any pictures this time. I really haven't even taken any good ones to share, so don't worry, you're not missing out.

Oh also! Before I left, the Marinduques fed us like three times, Nanay
Luming made me ginataan, and I took pictures with everyone. Oh I actually do have good pictures to share of my beloved Naguilian
people. Sa susunod na lang. Sorry. Next time.

We are going to Banaue the Monday after my birthday. We have THREE baptisms ON my birthday. Yayyyyyyyy! What a birthday present, huh!?

I totally love you, momma! I totally love my Savior. He's right here
with me, on my right hand and on my left. I am so guided by him and by His spirit every day. I am grateful for their companionship.

I hope you have a happy happy Valentine's Day. Eat a whole box of delicious chocolates for me. Or get TCBY or something. Kiss Dudley and hug pop for me. Kiss my whole family for ME after you all get better again ;) I love you ALL so very much!! Thank you for all your prayers and love sent to me. I Love you GRANDMA and pray for you every day. Thanks for your prayers :) And give Matt a firm handshake for me. :)

So much love.
Sister Fork (another one I got this week)

P.S. Pray for me to be strong.
P.P.S. Victoria goes to Armenia the 24th! She says she is really struggling with the language. I love her.
Her letters make me LOL. She's written me about 4 times now.

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