Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello my momma! Hello my Family and my Friends!
Wow, today has been a crazy day. We went to Banaue again because there
are new people in our district who haven't been. Its a three hour trip
there and back. We woke up at 4 and the elders were supposed to show
up at 5, but we ended up leaving around 6:00.

We just got back about an hour ago. Well, right when we got off the
jeepney it started pouring. We rushed to the nearest internet shop and
right when we got there, told the woman we needed two computers, and
turned on the power. Immediately the power turned off and it started
hailing. We decided to shop first and wait for the power to come back
on. Now we are internetting obviously...and my computer has been
experiencing some difficulties. Welcome to the Philippines. Anyways,
know that I am totally rushed in writing this.

Earlier today we climbed to a tall part of the rice terraces. You have
to climb down many stairs to get to the other part of the terraces
where you climb up. I fanned Sister Roncal while she threw up at the
top. She wanted to keep going. We made it finally to some beautiful
falls, and took lots of pictures (that I can't attach cause I dont
have a memory card reader). Last time I went I was totally afraid of
heights, but this time it wasn't a big deal to me. I bought a hand
woven scripture case for 80 pesos and we ate halo-halo the Chowking at
the bottom of the mountain.

Tuesday at district meeting, after our accounting, I got teased by the
elders about how many packages I had waiting for me in the foyer. I
got four packages and two letters! :)
I didn’t receive Michelle’s package yet.
Maybe it will come next week. Tell them all thank
you so so much for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I absolutely loved everything and was thrilled to be thought of so nicely.
Thank you all so very much!!! I felt so special :)

Wednesday, I asked for a blessing from e.Miller. Sometimes I just dont
know if what I'm doing is okay to the Lord. Sometimes I feel a little
distanced from Him, even here. Sometimes I feel like I'm going psycho
trying to know if my work is accepted or is he's listening to my
prayers or what I need to do next. I miss my blessings from Poppa and
Nathan. Elder Miller, in his blessing, said that I promised the Lord
before I came here that I would serve a mission and he blessed me to
fulfill the things I promised Him I would do--dah!!! What did I
promise?? He also said that I need to draw closer to the Savior. In my
personal study this week, I discovered something that I have been
doing wrong in my personal study. I haven't been focusing enough on
the life of the Savior and on his atoning sacrifice. When we learn
more of the Savior and come to know him more, we have the Spirit with
us more...we have his guidance and we feel his love for others. I
remember in my patriarchal blessing it says that I will bring people
into the gospel net through expressing my love for the Savior.

Sometimes the answers are so clear, but I am blinded by myself somehow.

Where is Mal's mission? Texas? What mission? Spanish speaking? I wrote
Alainna a while ago? I love you Alainna!!! I love you Michelle!!! I love you all!!!

What else happened this week? We got three new doorknobs in our house,
and our back faucet works, and our drain is draining again in the
bathroom. Were still looking for an apartment.

We have a baptism this week--Jershon Nephi Hore. He is 12 and his dad
is a member.

I got to talk to Sister De Fiesta on the phone!!! Sister Analyn called
her while I was over. It was so lovely to hear her voice. I love her
so much. She is working at a resort in Puerto Vallerta.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on missionary work. A member came
up to me afterwards and said, "You can speak Tagalog afterall, I
thought you couldn't for some reason." And I felt like my tongue was
loosed the whole day. That feeling comes and goes.

Momma, pray for me that I will do the right things? I'm trying hard to
be obedient and do what I think is right. I am my worst critic :(
We have Zone meeting this week. President will be interviewing us. I
will be singing with Elder Miller, "A Child's Prayer." We have FHE
tonight at Analyns. She’s making dinner, I'm baking a cake, and we're
watching Joseph Smith History videos with our investigators.

I love you so much. Tell all my family that I pray for them always, and miss everyone very much. I love you all and thank you for everything and all your prayers. I do need them and I do feel them. Thank you! Kiss and hug everyone for me. I wish I had some pictures of everyone. Whenever you all get a chance, please send some to me.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the packages, Momma. I did give a lot away to Elder
Miller and his companion Elder Deriada, cause they do so much for us. That’s all for now. HAPPY EASTERRR EVERYONE!! :) I love you Pop! I love you Grandma!
Sister Fort

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