Saturday, June 25, 2011

I LOVE MY MISSION!!!! So Happy to Serve :)

Our work has been really great this week. Sister Perla is golden. She is the woman who lives the absolute farthest of all of our investigators and has a son on a mission in Davao. When we showed up to our last appointment with her, we asked her how her word of wisdom was going. She's quit coffee and tea and has switched to hot chocolate. We taught her about the law of chastity, and she was open to follow everything. Before we closed we asked her if she had any questions or things she wanted to add. She pulled out her book of mormon and had a list of questions scribbled down on some lined paper, and started asking us about the chapters she read in 1Nephi, which we hadn't assigned to her. She told us that before she goes to sleep she hides on their stairway and reads by a flashlight--so her husband can't see and wont tell her to stop (he is always drunk). She asked us questions like, "Why was Jerusalem going to be destroyed?" and "Who is Laban?" It was so cute. As we explained, her face was so engaged and she reminded me of a small child. We asked her if she would come to church and instead of her past answers like, "we'll see..." or "I'll try" she said "I'm going." She showed up to church and stayed the whole three hours. Sister Roncal and I were talking about her the other day. She is the farthest of all of our investigators, but she is amazing. We used to work in other far areas where none of our investigators were progressing, and every time we'd be done with a lesson, we'd have such a hard time finding a tricycle on the way back and our time would just be wasted walking forever. But with Perla, even though she is so far, we have never had a problem finding a tricycle. There is always one that just comes by by chance. But I know that is the design of our Heavenly Father--he sends us tricycles, because its right that we are there.
Yesterday we taught a man named Danny. He's about 60 and after our message, talked about how Christ told people to let their light so shine. He said, "You are the light to us." I felt the spirit so strongly as he spoke and almost cried. I heard the spirit say something to me like, "See daughter? You're a light."
I really love this work. I am excited to wake up and just get out and teach people. The other day Sister Roncal and I got 7 lessons in one day. I think that may be the most I've ever gotten in a day. And every single one was beautiful. I slept really well that night.Heres a picture of nelson's daughter that wears a wig to look like me. Cute!
Also, The other day in companionship inventory, Sister Roncal compared me to the Book of Mormon, and said that I dont realize it, but I change people just by being around them. It was really sweet. I just love Sister Roncal and I'm so happy to serve with her. She is an inspiration to me as well :)

Anyways, times up. You prob wont have much to post on the blog. Sorry.
I love you so much momma. I love You ALL my sweet family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who just had one, babies, parents, siblings, etc. HAPPY Father's Day Pop, I love YOU! Thank you all for being such a great support to me, I couldn't do this without you.
Sister Fort

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