Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear momma and Pop, family and friends,
We have just gotten back from Banaue and I have maybe ten or fifteen minutes to write. I can't send any pictures because I am in a computer shop that doesn't have a memory card reader...what’s new.

I loved your emails. I am printing them off.

I want to say so much but I have no time. So frustratinggggg.

Its fourth of July! Woo. My fave holiday back home. I celebrated here by walking 109898827687262 stairs on the 8th wonder of the world and getting dizzy on the jeepney ride home. I am 11 months into the mission today. 7 months left, momma.

This past week we had our first district meeting with Elder Arabia as our district leader. He's good. He taught about the importance of helping our investigators to come to church--which is a difficult topic, because people have their free agency...if they don't want to come to church cause its raining or because they don’t want to pay a tricycle ride, they wont. After we ended our meeting, he did some magic tricks and told some jokes, and I think this will be a good cycle with him as our leader.

Wednesday we did a CSP in their area...we pulled weeds and grass for about 1 hour, then ate for about three. Don't ask how that works out. The member insisted we stay while she cooked everything from scratch. With the time that took and the time it took to get back to our area and shower, we got to work that day around 5pm! dah! But we managed to still fit in four lessons.

Our lessons with Sister Perla and Perlita are SO FUN. In the tricycle ride home from teaching them both one day, I couldn't stop smiling...I realized I was smiling...then kind of stopped to asked myself why I was smiling so much. I realized that it was because of the amazing changes I've seen in these two people for the past three months. I can see why being a mother would be such a joy. Their baptisms are going to go through, I know it. They both know that what we've been sharing with them is true. They will both be baptized on the 23rd of this month, possibly my last baptism in this area--I'm due for a transfer.

Saturday I made pancit for the first time, and Sister Roncal made rice coffee. Which is soooooooooooooooo good. I'm going to make it for you when I get home.

We are doing an FHE tonight with the Ambrose family.

Momma. I miss you so much. And thank you for sending those pictures! I thought about my little beebee nephews and nieces and how I haven’t seen them in so long and how different they must look. They are beautiful and gorgeous and everything lovely. I miss my brothers and sisters. I miss everyone.

DAH, no time. iufhoighlskwoighowijroweifjolifjlskgjorieojgoijghoij I love you and miss you and miss you and miss you and miss you and miss you. I can’t wait to watch a movie at home in my spandex pants with a big bowl of salad with YOU! Love you everyone and miss you all! I love you Grandma, stay strong for me.

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