Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010-MTC


Hi momma! It's Monday and I get to write you yet again. There are SO MANY FUN THINGS TO SHARE. I will type really fast.

I will start at the beginning. So, Tuesday this past week I woke up and went to take a shower, and I noticed these tiny bites on my arms. This was the second night I got them. They were so itchy. I showed my roommates, one of which is a nurse in training. I was like, "Check out these mosquito bites!" And she was like, "ummmm those aren't mosquito bites." So I calmly freaked out inside and asked what they were. She said they could be bed bug bites. Immediately, I switched my matress and sheets and called it good. I went upstairs to the maintenance and let them know there were possible bed bugs on the mattress I was sleeping on. The lady said they would need to fumagate our room and that she would set up an appointment for me to meet with the health clinic on campus. So, I though, "okay, no big deal." And I went to class.

Next thing I knew, I'm being called on the intercom to go meet with the health clinic right away. I go, and standing in the hallway at the clinic, the doctor looks at my arm and says, "Hmm, interesting bites." And I'm thinking, yeah I could have told you that. And he makes me set up an appointment. (I got them to wave the 10 dollar co-pay because this was MTC protocol and not really my decision to meet with anyone about the bites) So I show up a few hours later, the doctor says, "Hmmm, those definitely look like they're from some kind of insect." And I'm like...okayyy....I knew THAT. And he initiates the MTC Bed Bug protocol. Which means, THAT NIGHT, we had to evacuate our room, move everything to the top floor of our building (all four of us sisters), wash all of our clothes in HOT water and dry it on the hottest setting (and clothes that couldn't be washed in hot water needed to be sent to the dry cleaners on campus), shower before we enter the room, and notify the clinic that all had been done.

So, we all laughed about it and moved our things to the top floor of the building, said goodbye to our favorite 3rd floor room and buddies, and brought ALL of our clothes to the dry cleaners, because nothing of ours could be washed in hot water. We bagged everything in red biohazard bags, stole a big tub from the laundry room, rumbled everything on down to the dry cleaners. (No one was there, so we left a note)

Well, the next day our clothes were of course not done, so we had to wear the same exact outifts two days in a row. Which really wasn't a big deal, cause the elders aren't THAT observant. ;) We picked up our clothes the following day and I discovered that all of my white shirts were now purple-grey, all of my grey shirts were now purple, and all of my creme shirts were now grey (9 items of clothing). I talked to the person at the front counter, pleading with them that this was not my choice to bring everything to the dry cleaners, and I had no money to buy other clothes, but they kindly said, "There is nothing we can do." I pouted a little bit, like a sister missionary shouldn't, and he said he'd try to remove the dye from my clothes. I will get them back this Wednesday and let you know how they are.

Meanwhile, I'm getting really sick--like coughing and nose-running and fever-y. They also gave me my last hepatitis shot on Wednesday also, which costs 97 dollars. (I think I am going to put it on my credit card, Mom. Let me know what you think.) So, I've been trying my best to get better. I've been taking lots of Sudafed, Airborne, and drinking as much water-fountain water as I can possibly stand--it's hard. I also asked my branch president if I could take a few naps during missionary directed time and other breaks, and he told me I had special permission and to feel better.

The next day (yesterday) I sat on a red plum berry thing that fall from the trees all over campus and stained my long, grey sweater. Then I noticed my eye kept burning and itching. I looked in the mirror and sure enough, I have pink eye. I woke up this morning, and noticed I have it in both eyes. I've thrown away all of my eye make up.. I have an appointment with the doctor later today. He'll probably say something like, "Oh yeah, looks like there's something wrong with your eye," and give me some nice antibiotics.

So, it's funny because Sister Pence and I have been working on some Christlike traits. This last week was humility. I prayed for humility. And you know, I really think I was fighting it up until the dry cleaners. But the more things keep happening to me, the more I am laughing about it. It's actually really funny.

We watched a video the other night in class, while I was in the middle of all of this turmoil, and I really think this video changed my whole perspective. It's on the mormon messages on, and its about the man who lost his family in a drunk driver accident. What a beautiful story. I dont think I have ever, ever seen the application of the atonement shown so beautifully. And the video really made me see that the atonement is REAL. I cried the whole way through, basically. Watch it.

I know that what I've gone through this week is NOTHING, compared to what other people have to endure. I know that my Savior lives and I am actually so blessed to have these trials. I have seen myself change and I have grown closer to my companion through them. (We make each other's beds every morning. It's cute.)

READ D&C 35: 9-14. This is me! Heavenly Father is on my side and on your side, Mom. I so admire you for your attitude in all of these trials. We are only given them to be made stronger. I love you sos ososososososososososoo much.

Sister Missionaryyyyyyyyy, Aly


  1. Be careful what you pray for. :)

  2. ALY! i miss you soo much! i sent you an email but im not sure if you got it or not!? and i got your beautiful letter! it sounds like your doing ahhmaazzingg! i loveee youu!