Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merrrrrry CHRISTMAS!! Almostttttt!!!!!!

Hello my momma! Thank you so much again for all of your emails to me. I appreciate and read every single one.
Hello My Family and Friends!!! Thanks you all so much for your support and prayers, I love you all!!
Thank you SO SO SO SO much for the package you sent me. The face wash and face wipes you sent me are magical. I can go a whole day and my face does not get oily. I let Sister De Fiesta try it, and all day she'd touch her face with both hands and say, "Wowwwwwwww, malambot." (Soft) Also, last night we had pancit (noodles) with the Knorrs sauce you sent, and Sister De Fiesta said, "Wowww parang fettucini alfredo." :) Please thank Kiliana and Justin so so much for their package as well!!! She sent too much! But I love every single thing in there. The journal is gorgeous! One of the trail mixes is already gone, and we've tried the soup she sent. We had Lipton, and I thought of grandma and the times she'd make it for me when she and grandpa would visit. :) Thank you so much. I will write real letters soon. It's hard to e-mail everybody in the time I have. I only have an hour--which you would think would be a long time, but's so short to say everything I want to say.
About my Christmas call home: I email you with my number here, and you call. President says we're allowed to skype, but I'm not sure how that works? We also don't have a time limit. President just says, "don't leave the mission."
So, there's this dress that I had made out of fabric that I thought was cute at the time. But when I tried it on, it was possibly the most hideous thing I've ever put on, and I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I decided to leave it out on a chair on our porch for the day, and I would decide what to do with it later. Well, the next time I went back to it, there was an egg inside of it--like...a chicken egg. I called to Sister De Fiesta and asked her if she had put an egg outside? And she was so confused. The next day, we went outside and there were two eggs inside of it! And the next day three! And the next day four! There are now seven eggs, and I am so happy that my hideous dress is being put to good use. We finally spotted the chicken sitting there in its urban-chic nest. It lays an egg every day at 10am on the dot. Sister De Fiesta and I sing, "On the first day of Christmas the chicken gave to meeee..." and so on.
We had a strange experience this week. Sister De Fiesta and I were tracting down a street we hadn't yet, and a woman, Belia, let us in. She was probably in her late sixties and had crossed-eyes from a cleaning accident. She rocked her nephew in a hammock while we taught her. We sang "Dearest Children God is Near You" and began the lesson with a prayer. We taught her about prophets and restored priesthood power, and she told us that when she had her sight, she used to heal people. She said that she had seen Christ's heart in a vision. We explained that priesthood authority can only be held by worthy men, and that it can only be exercised through the name of Christ. She told us that she knew we were messengers of God and representatives of Jesus Christ. She said that Naguilian needed more of us--that the world needed more of us. We taught her how to pray and invited her to give the closing prayer. She began praying and right as she was thanking Heavenly Father for sending us to her, she collapsed to the cement floor with a loud clap. Sister De Fiesta and I sat there in astonishment for a few second, then I thought, "Oh no, she might have some kind of health problem..." and I knelt down to hold her hand. Then I thought, "Umm...sometimes in the scriptures people fall because they feel the Spirit?? Buttttt...if this was the Spirit I probably wouldn't be so confused and feel so weird right now." Sister De Fiesta went to the doorway and called for help. No one came, but the woman got up after a few seconds like nothing happened. And she said, "Mas suerte kayo sa akin. Ang Diyos ay kasama sa inyo." (You are luckier than I. God is with you.) And she sat up, closed her eyes, and muttered a quick prayer under her breath. The Spirit was not there. Sister De Fiesta and I left quickly annnnd probably wont go back.
President invited us to the mission home for dinner one night--it was Sister Breese's birthday. President made ribs with Tony Roma's BBQ sauce, Sister Carlos made Texas Sheet Cake, and Sister Breese made potato salad. A little taste of home. The Breeses are so cute and remind me of you, mom and pop. They're about 10 years apart, and from Texas.
We visited Sister Lisa this week. The woman we helped do yardwork for. She told us that she had recieved her long-awaited answer that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. Her children all read the Book of Mormon every day and we had to bring a second copy so they wouldn't have to compete for the one. Sister Lisa and four of her children came to church this week. We went to their house after the meetings and for the first time, I extended a baptismal invitation to them. Her daughters Mikah (9) and Jennifer (17) accepted with no hesitancy--they nodded vigorously, smiling. Their baptism date is January 1st. Sister Lisa said that Jennifer had told her earlier, "Mom, gusto ko magmomormon." (I want to become Mormon.) Lisa says she needs a little time just to be 100 percent sure that this is what she wants to do. This has been so fun to watch unfold. I keep thinking of the day we met her...we were just tracting, walking house to house, but there has always been a different feeling about her. Her attitude towards us and the gospel changes every single time we meet with her. Her family already does scripture study and talks about the gospel every day, and I can see their countenances get brighter and their bond as family strengthen every time we see them.
Sister Shela had her baby! She is so tiny and beautiful. We brought Shela banana bread and developed pictures of her baby a few days after. She and her whole family were at church again on Sunday and she is scheduled for baptism the 17th of this month.
I love this quote: "The loveliest of women she had known had a glow of health, a warm personality, a love of learning, stability of character, and integrity. If we may add the sweet and gentle Spirit of the Lord carried by such a woman, then this describes the loveliest of woman in any age or time." :)
Thank you for your constant prayers and letters. I am carried by them.
With so much pagmamahal,
Sister Fort

The Pictures are: FHE Game Night, M&M Lipstick, Urban-Chick Nest, Flooded Apartment because we left the faucet open when we had no water, and then we did!(from bottom to top of page)

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