Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello mommmaaaaaaa, Hello my Wonderful Family and Friends!!!

I am writing from another smelly computer shop.

This morning we went to Rizal shrine--a large white platform on top of a hill that Sister Banks and I see from the rice fields we walk through during a regular day. We went through the town Bayombong to meet the elders there, and turned out there was a funeral about to start at the chapel. The President asked us missionaries to sing--in our p-day clothes :/--and we accepted. Well, about 2 hours later, the program finished, and no one called us up to sing, sooooo....we sat there in our p-day clothes at a funeral for someone none of us knew. Ha.

Then we left for the shrine. When we got to the shrine finally, the gate was locked. It was so hot, and four of us--elder miller, elder apin, sister banks, and I--sat under a bush and waited. Finally people came and let us in and we walked about 3/4 of a mile uphill (like, almost vertical) in the heat. I forgot my water bottle, but remembered my umbrella. :) The shrine was beautiful, the view was beautiful. Walking down was a little easier and we joked about going down in rollerblades with front breaks. Haha. I wish I knew the history behind the shrine--or if it is religious or just historical? There were no tour guides or plaques. Just statutes, drained fountains, and orchids.

We ate lunch at a little wrap place on the side of a gas station. Turned out Michelle and Barrack Obama were there. They smiled for a picture :) !!

There is gossip that Sister Banks will be transferred this week. And those who started the gossip--elder miller and elder apin--have been smiling at me and laughing and saying, "I know what’s going to happen to youuuuu.." After about a billion, "Whatttt?! Ano mangyayari sa akin?!" I was told, secretly, that I might be training a new, new, new missionary. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool huh?!?! I will miss Sister Banks, and some of the times we've had together. Training will be a challenge, but I think I am ready for it. There are streets I don't know and Tagalog that I can't speak or understand, but what a learned experience this could be, and with my Savior and my Heavenly Father at my side, I know that I can do anything.

Have I told you about Emy Rivera yet? The woman we met in P.D. Galima? I think I have. The one who apologized for her home. We taught her twice this week. Once about the creation and once about Adam and Eve. THEY CAME TO CHURCH THIS WEEK!!! They came and San Mateo family came and year-long investigator Boyet came (for the first sunday since I've been here) and our cute little 12 year old Jerson came. I have never had a happier Sunday--my smile was so big and uncontrollable when each person walked through the door. It was like witnessing a child's first little leap of faith...I was so proud of them and happy for them.

We also had splits this week. I was left here with Sister Monsalud, and Sister Banks went to Lamut to be with her former companion, Sister Corpus. I wanted to stay in Solano, so I could practice leading the area. Well, I did it just fine, and teaching with Sister Monsalud was such a joy. She is a convert of about 2 years I think, and told me all about her transformations and how she wondered if her life before was all life was...The spirit was so thick as she bore her testimony of the creation and plan of salvation.

I'm attaching a picture of us with Sister Analyn--a fellowshipper of ours. The one that Sister De Fiesta first taught and witnessed being baptized. She is so sweet to us, and works with us every day when possible.

Also, I'm attaching a picture of us feeding the elders. They come to our apartment every Sunday after church and I cook for them. :) It’s giving me good experience ;)

Also, I am sending a picture of Trixie, a little girl who is a FIREBALL :) She reminds me of Alainna when she was little. She's learning English from her mom, and says things like "WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT??" and "WHAT ARE YOU CRYING FOR?!" Her mom reminds me of Michelle... haha.

By the way, please tell Michelle I will pray for their family. What a darling, sweet little girl.

What else what else...president was here on Tuesday. We had zone meeting here at the Solano chapel. He didn't interview us or anything. We had a cool lesson from our Zone Leaders. We started off with an object lesson thing where you and your companion have to dress as fast as possible in a shirt and tie with one handful of sand (without dropping it). It was about helping each other, and letting go of the sand in a companionship.

I love you love you love you. I love love love you all!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything :)
Sister Fort

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