Monday, August 22, 2011


Dearest Momma and My Sweet Family,

One day everything was going so well, and the spirit reminded me of a talk I heard in the MTC that said, "You will be carried by the prayers of your families and friends." I feel as though this week, I have been floating on top of the prayers that have been offered by you, by my brothers and sister, by my friends, and by President and Sister Carlos. Thank you so much for all the prayers. I know that you have been praying for me, and I have felt them without a doubt. I love it when I have these confirmations.

We had two baptisms this week--Sister Queenie Tamayao and Sister Ilominada De la Cruz. Sister Adino and I sang and I played guitar at both of them. We sang "Come unto Jesus" and "I Stand All Amazed." The baptisms were lovely, and even though I didn't play a big part in the conversion of these two sisters, I am grateful to be a witness of their pure and simple testimonies.

We're working hard. 35+ lessons every week. The members work with us here.
There are these plants here that look like little hot air balloons. Inside are three black seeds with a white heart design on them. I collect them and put them in a plastic Easter egg.
There is a family here with 8 daughters and one son. Their 10 year old son died last week from a 5 month struggle with leukemia. It is beyond sad for this sweet family. Yesterday, when we went on splits with members, I taught the family about the spirit world and resurrection. I pray that they will embrace this gospel.

Tatay Ben is 73 and a new convert. He has many sicknesses and a hole in his trechia, but comes to church every Sunday and bears his testimony every chance. When we go to his house to share, we share with his 66 year old wife. She is catholic and Tatay Ben tells her as were teaching her that she is hard headed. Nanay just stays quiet and smiles. She listens to everything we say, but can’t let go of her traditions.

I met Sister Shaner! This is us at the baptism of Sisters Dhikao and Sajol. She is a sweetheart and grabbed me a hugged me the moment I saw her. I wanted to cry, but didn't. She said, "This is from your momma!" And "This is from Lindsay!" She told me about how she's paranoid about the water haha and I had flashbacks of my first day in Naguilian. Doctors in America really make you paranoid. She is such a sweetheart. I’m so glad to meet her.

I'm trying to do my best. I have about 5 and a half months left and I can’t help from counting. I miss you all very much but I want to enjoy the work of the Lord. I am trying my best to develop good relationships with all the members. Sometimes it’s hard to translate the right words so that they can tell what I feel inside and not just words.
I’m sorry but, I am out of time. I love you all very much and appreciate all that you do for me. Please keep the prayers coming. I need all I can get and love knowing that they make a difference.
I love you all sososososososo much. I love you Grandma and I think of you often. Grandpa is with me on this journey, I feel him around me.
Sister Fort

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  1. Sister Fort sounds so good. Her strong testimony makes me smile all over. I know she's touching many more people than she thinks. And I love her dearly.
    Sister Morgan