Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always do the BEST that WE can :) September 4

Hello My family and friends,

Sister’s training was lovely and wonderful. Sister Carlos had me conduct the whole day, and I felt so much love from my fellow sisters—Sister Pence, Sister Carlos, Sister Roncal, Sister Martinez, Sister Shaner (she gave me a HUGE hug and kiss that reminded me so much of you haha), and Sister Russell. Sister Russell printed off directions on how to crochet a bag out of plastic bags and bought me a crochet needle. Sweeeet. We learned new object lessons to use in our teaching and FHE games and we did crafts. I cried when Sister Dhikao bore testimony of a scripture she read in D&C 100. She’s been struggling with her Tagalog and has had moments where she’s wanted to go home because of it. I could so closely relate to her heartbreak and struggle and remembered the times I also received comfort from my scripture reading. The scriptures speak directly to your heart and solve your problems and questions. I’ve seen it over and over. I receive so much comfort and light from them every day...I have been reading in D&C.

Sister Martinez and I hung out a lot at the Sister’s training while my comp and her trainer got re-acquainted. We have so much in common! She also plays guitar and sings, is from California—close to LA—and before she left for her mission, she was an actress for indie movies. We like the same music too. I am excited for the time we might be able to spend together...I’m still not 100 percent sure what will happen.
We are teaching many families—teaching families is so hard because they are usually not all there at once. We extended a baptismal date to two members of the Laylay family…Christian and Girlie. But their sister and mother came to church on Sunday and they didn’t. The family is one of the most fun to teach, because they have so many questions. Last Saturday we watched the Joseph Smith movie with them and they all had tear-filled eyes by the end. They told us they know our messages are true.
JR Addun knows the church is true, but he went to his parents to ask them for their consent and they told him to wait until he graduates college. He has about three years left. So we’ve been visiting him, sharing with him the importance of doing what you know is right, not procrastinating, etc. We told him to pray for his answer if he should be baptized or not, and in our last lesson with him, he said he knows he needs to be baptized and accepted September 24th as a goal date.
Members have been warming up to me. Nanay Addatu grabs my hands when she talks to me and Sister DeGuzman laughed at a joke I made.

I know there are more people whose hearts I need to touch here. I love the quote of Joesph Smith to his wife Emma, "We do the best we can and move on." I am doing my best. I know that. I am so grateful for the senior missionaries here who offer me that little piece of home every now and again.
5 months is a short while. But huwag ka magbilang, ha? Ipapahaba niya ang oras. (but dont count, it will only make time longer)

Find some hidden treasures in the scriptures today and tomorrow and the next day that are meant only for you. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to be happy.He wants us all to be happy. We can be with Him in our lives every day and every night :) I love you are and miss you.
Your bebee, Sister, Aunt, and Friend,
Sis Fort

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