Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanks for the HOLIDAYS ;) MISSING YOU :)

I found a huge nest of ants in my desk. We were coloring and
ants kept coming from somewhere. So I pulled my drawer out and found them
swarming. We did a deep clean, and I found a hole in the wood in the back of
one of the drawers that they were hiding in.
One morning this week, as we were exercising, a member, Sister De Guzman, came
by with three huge bags of fruit! Bananas, mandarin oranges, and mangoes. Cause
a few days ago we told her we loved fruit but didn't know where to find it. I
asked her how much for all of it, and she said nothing. We were almost in tears
we were so grateful.
My english is SO BAD. I don’t have an accent, but the other day as we were
looking for a place to sit in stake conference, I told SisM, "Hey look!
There's a white people." And she said, "Yeah they're sitters." (They’re
sitting) Ohhh goodness. But we understand each other, so it’s okay. English major…whaaaaat ;/ I pray that all of my previous abilities will
come back to me quickly.
So this weekend, we had Stake Conference, which explains why President and SIster
Carlos were in town. You will never believe what they did for me. So about 3
LTPs ago, I wrote President and told him about how I miss frozen yogurt and
cornbread and your hugs. Well, Sister Carlos, the minute she saw me, told me
she had a surprise for me. Then she brought us out to the car later and pulled
out a container filled with CORNBREAD and she bought me one of those little
bear containers filled with honey. Isn't that so sweet. The next day President
saw us and asked, "What'd you two eat for dinner last night?" we
smiled and answered, "Cornbread." Then he went on to say how he
didn't know Sister Carlos knew to make cornbread....A little bird told her or
something. I love Brother and Sister
Carlos very much.
The messages we heard at this stake conference were so amazing, that at times
it almost felt like I was home. (it was also all in English) Elder Teh, the
area President of the
Philippines came to speak. He spoke on martial they need to be our husbands need to love
their wives and wives here need to stay home with their children--as they so
often go abroad to make a living and leave their families behind. We took good
notes. They also focused a lot on tithing and temple attendance.

This week we fasted for discernment
about our investigators. Who we should stop going to etc. We've received
inspiration that we need to focus on finding new investigators. This work is so
hard, but we will persevere as long as we are willing, we will be guided to
those who will have an open heart and know the truth when it enters in.
Christmas is around the corner and we have already decorated here :) It is one of my favorite times of year. Thanksgiving too! All of the holidays that you are with family and close friends. I miss you all very much, but it won't be long now that I can hold a baby again and hug and kiss everyone that I so love.
I have sent videos of me as grapes for Halloween and getting locked out of our apartment. I love you all!
Sister Fort

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