Saturday, November 19, 2011

Almost HOME !!!! :)

Dearest Momma, Family, and Friends,
I am exhausted right now. We woke up
at 5:00am to go fishing this morning with our district. But like we guessed our
meeting time wasn't 6:00am at all, but turned out to be like 8am. We fished
with bamboo rods and didn't catch one thing, but it was so nice to see a river
and wade calf-deep in the water. Wearing pants is kinda weird. I will try to
attach pictures from Sis M's memory card. For some reason my memory card is
broken? You can't see my pictures on my camera or on the computer.
We found another investigator named
Gina. She is so wonderful, I just love love love her. She catches on so quick
to everything we teach her, and doesn't judge or contrast our religion with her
current one. She doesn't look at us like we're American, she looks at us like
we're missionaries. We found her tracting one night, looking for a referral
given to us. We taught her about prophets and told her that we have a living
prophet today. She kind of put her hand on her chest and said, "huh. Thats
the first time I've ever heard of that." We commited her to pray to know
if that is true, and she said she would. We will go back to teach the
restoration this week.
Sis M has been really sick this
week. It has been sooooooooooooooooo hot lately, and one night we had a black
out the entire night, which meant our fans didn't work of course. We think
thats whats caused her sickness. We are constantly sweating.
Even though she's been sick though,
she's pushed herself to work. One day we went out in the morning and got 5
lessons, so she could come back and rest for a good chunk of the day. Then she
forced herself out again that night.
We write down every day what we find
joy in and share them with each other every night in planning. Things like:
lizards doing funny things, seeing a kid sitting on a big stack of hoses,
riding in a tricycle with 12 school kids packed all around us, electric fans,
teaching people like Gina, etc.
I've been learning so many
weaknesses of mine since I've been with Sister M. Sighhhh. She calls this time
of my mission: Marriage and Family Prep 101, crash course. I hope we will still
be together for Christmas, dahhhhhhh. President keeps saying no promises. I
just want her to be my last compy. I’ve
learned so much on my mission about my responsibilities in a relationship, and
what I might need to change. Changes are
ongoing efforts, and I’m improving on realizations all the time. It really helps when you are so in tune with
the spirit and He directs you in all you need to accomplish. I pray that I will always remember this.
I love you all and I look forward to seeing you all on
JANUARY 30th, 2012. How
exciting!! Can’t wait to hug everyone
again and squeeze those little babies. I
get to be there for Nichelle and Jared’s fourth!!!! Yaayyyy!
Sister Fort :)

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