Monday, December 12, 2011


We got your package this week!!!!
We told the zone leaders on Tuesday
before they went down to Cauayan the next day, that they should bring us back
any packages or mail. They texted me and Sister M Wednesday afternoon saying,
" guys owe us big. Sister Fort's got some lovin coming her way
from Texas." And we got really excited. We opened the package in our room
and pulled everything out with an OOO and AHH. Sis M loved her card and shirt
and stocking and everything! I put on my new dress and Sister M played Michael
Buble and we danced in our big downstairs. We emptied our stockings and wore
them on our feet as we read our beautiful cards (which are now on display in
our room) We've been snacking on sugar free turtles and nuts this whole week,
and we've also finished reading the book you sent. And we've been wearing our
Chuy's shirts! Oh its so good to have a little piece of home like that. And I
love my cardigans. I smelled them and they smelled like target. You probably
think that so weird, but I miss that smell SO MUCH. There is nothing like that
new clothes smell here. The capo works like magic! I was using one of the capos
here and it was so terrible and out of tune. Sister M and I are getting ready
to sing Silent Night at our upcoming Christmas Zone Conference on the 20th,
yayy! With my new capo. Thank you so so so so sos o sos os o sos so much momma.
I couldn't wait to open everything, as you can see... Thank you so much.
I'm going to send this now so I can
send more pictures.
Here are some pics of me and Sister
M planning. We went out one day this week and walked in the pouring rain. We
only have one umbrella between the two of us and its broken nyways, so we got
soaked. None of our investigators were home, and this is a little glimpse into
our planning that night. :)
something crazy that happened to us this week in Sister M's words:
"Sister Fort and i were
downtown in our area, we were trying to contact a referral we were given by
some other missionaries. As we were walking down the hustle and bustle of the
night street we turned down a road and as we were walking i started to look up
to the sky and then started to slow down my walk because my eyes caught
something in the night sky.......i didn't know what it was at first and turned
around to Sister Fort who was walking behind me and said "do you see
that!?" and she looked up and she stopped walking in shock. We turned to
people on the street and asked if they knew what it was but as we looked around
everyone’s heads were lifted up to the night sky in amazement and shock. Sister
Fort and i started running and we crossed the streets getting closer to where
they were coming from and we looked up and started watching what we saw in the
sky and realized we were watching UFO's. We probably saw close to 20 UFO's. I
am not joking, it was crazy, i felt like we were in a movie. I took some
videos, but they don't give justice to what we experienced. Most of the videos
are long but i took some short ones so i could send. Sorry you can't tell by
this video but you can on my other ones. IT was crazy!"
It was so creepy and weird and I
felt like I was on War of the Worlds or something. I will send pictures....
Anyways. We found the referral we
were given that night and taught them. The referral was actually two kids--a 9
and 10 year old. The mother is a member and the father is not. We asked the
father, Robert Zalun, to join in on our lesson and taught about prophets. He is
actually the only person in his family that isn't a member. He had so many
questions like--is there just one prophet on the earth at the same time and
where does the book of Mormon come from and why is it called the book of Mormon.
We shared our answers and the spirit was there. We expressed our desire to come
back and have him be in all of our lessons to his children, and he agreed. Me and
SisM are excited about this. They can be a forever family!
Sister M and I got to watch the 1st
Presidency Christmas devotional last night. It touched my heart so deeply. And
with our reading of Luke, I've been feeling a different Christmas spirit that I
hope to have in so many more of my Christmases to come. Christ is the Savior of
the World. He lives. He loves me and you and everyone. I am grateful to know
this and to share it with so many others.
LOVE YOU MOMMA, sos os os
sososososososo much. Love you my family and friends, See YOU soon !!!
Sister Fort

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